We Are UHO (University Hills Optimist)
Little Miss Kickball

We are a sports organization for young ladies, 4-18. Through kickball, UHO provides a game that is easy to learn, highly competitive, and useful for developing young girls physically, mentally, and socially.

We Value Competition.

We grow because of it.

We Value Community.

We serve within it.

We Value Caring.

We love through it.

Through competition, we help girls discover their strengths, adjust for their weaknesses, and work together with other girls of different personalities and backgrounds towards common goals. Through community, we come together not just as teams of players, but also as teams of volunteer coaches, umpires, and board members to serve and provide a first-class sporting experience for every girl involved. Through caring, we ensure that the essential spirit of Little Miss Kickball does not get lost among the quest for trophies and medals. At its core, Little Miss Kickball is about family: mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, and many other relationships that grow through the experience of playing organized sports.

We Have an Over 40-Year History of Serving Austin-Area Girls.

We have an established yet evolving tradition.

We did not just come on the scene. We have been here since 1974. As times have changed, so have we. Yet, we have done our best to stay true to how we got started.

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